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Fidelity Life Review – No Exam Life Insurance

Typically, when applying for a life insurance policy, an applicant will be required to answer many health questions, as well as to undergo a medical exam. This exam entails the submission of a blood and urine sample that is conducted by a paramed. Samples are sent in to a lab and they are tested for various health conditions in order to determine whether or not the insurance company would be at risk for a claim if the applicant is approved for the life insurance coverage.

fidelity life no medical life insuranceThere are, however, times when an applicant for coverage may not wish to apply for a life insurance policy in which a medical exam will be necessary. The reasons for this can be many. One may be that the approval times for these types of policies can be lengthy – oftentimes weeks, or even months, depending on the particular situation.

In addition, blood and urine samples will typically reveal health conditions that could deem the applicant for coverage either uninsurable, or can place them into a Substandard rating classification, meaning that he or she could be required to pay a much higher amount of premium for their coverage.

In still other instances, an individual may afraid of needles, thereby making them also quite fearful of participating in the blood draw that is required for submitting the blood sample that is required. With this in mind, a no exam life insurance policy could be a good solution.

Today, there are a number of quality life insurance companies that offer no exam life insurance policy options. One such option is the Fidelity Life no exam life insurance policy. This coverage can provide several options for applicants – and it can get you the life insurance protection that you need quickly and conveniently, without the need to meet in person with a life insurance agent.

About Fidelity No Exam Life Insurance Coverage

Fidelity is a very strong contender in the life insurance industry. The company has been in the insurance and financial business since 1896, and it is well versed in helping individuals, families, and businesses in protecting assets. It has in excess of $25 billion of life insurance in force, with more than $441 million in admitted assets.

Due to its strong financial foundation, A.M. Best, an insurance company rating agency, has given Fidelity Life a rating of A+, meaning Excellent. This can signify to policy holders that Fidelity will be there when they are needed to pay their life insurance claims when they are required in the future.

In addition to its strong financial aspect, Fidelity is also known for being quite strong in terms of its unique use of technology – which has made its life insurance process extremely convenient for its applicants, and its claims process easy for the company’s current policy holders and beneficiaries.

This insurer offers a wide variety of life insurance coverage – including two different options for its no medical exam life insurance policy. These include the Rapid Decision Express and the Rapid Decision Senior Term policy option.

With Fidelity’s Rapid Decision Express option for no exam life insurance coverage, applicants can obtain their coverage very quickly. The application for coverage can be submitted directly online, and a decision regarding approval can be received within just a matter of days. With this policy, nearly anyone who is in relatively good health is likely to be approved.

The application for this coverage will ask various questions regarding medical history, as well as about the applicant’s current health condition. On this policy, premiums can be locked in for terms of between ten and thirty years. Once the premium lock period has ended, the premium will rise each year until the insured is age 94. Coverage will end with this product when the insured reaches age 95.

With Fidelity’s Rapid Decision Senior Term Life no exam life insurance product, an insured may be able to obtain partial coverage immediately. This policy is geared towards seniors – particularly those who may live on a fixed budget because it allows them to obtain coverage more affordably.

Here, partial coverage is initially offered, with full coverage kicking in after a three year period of time has elapsed. Just as with the Rapid Decision Express policy, the Rapid Decision Senior policy will require the applicant to answer certain health related questions on the application for coverage.

Individuals may apply as young as age 50, up through age 70. Depending upon the person’s age, a term policy with a length of 10, 20, or 30 years may be purchased. Policy face amounts of between $10,000 and $150,000 are available. The premium amount remains level throughout the term, with the full amount of the policy’s death benefit payable after three years have elapsed. For a slightly higher premium, there is a permanent life insurance option available.

With either of these policies, the underwriters will also want to know basic information on the application for coverage, such as the applicant’s age, gender, height and weight, marital status, occupation and income (if applicable), smoking status, alcohol usage, and whether or not the individual participates in any type of dangerous hobbies or activities. All of these factors will also be reviewed in terms of their riskiness to the insurance company in terms of a potential claim.

Where to Obtain a No Exam Life Insurance Policy

Prior to applying for any no exam life insurance coverage, it is always a good idea to do a comparison of several different policies and premium quotes. This is because the policy options and the premium amounts can differ – sometimes a great deal – from one life insurance company to another.

If you are ready to explore options in no medical exam life insurance, we can help to point you in the right direction in terms of which policy and insurer may be right for you. We work with many of the top rated insurance companies in the marketplace today – and we can help you in comparing insurance policies and premium quotes directly from your home computer within a matter of seconds.

In order to get the process started, simply fill out the form on this page. If you should have any questions about no exam life insurance, how life insurance works, or about how to compare life insurance premiums, please feel free to give us a call directly. We can be reached toll-free at 888-229-7522. We want to ensure that you get all of your questions and concerns addressed so that you can make the best choice possible when it comes to finding the life insurance protection that you and your loved ones need for your specific situation.


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