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Is Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Right for You?

Have you been rejected for life insurance?  It is a completely frustrating experience to go through the whole process and still not gain approval or get approved and the premiums be so high that only Donald Trump could afford them.  The good news is that you do not have to go without any life insurance.  A guaranteed issue life insurance policy can make sure that your family members are protected if you were to pass away.  The normal practice is for them to ask you your age and nothing else.  This means you do not have to go through underwriting or answer any questions about medical conditions.  The question that needs to be asked is whether this is the best option for you?

Why Choose a guaranteed acceptance policy?

Guaranteed issue term life insurance is only a good option for someone who has not been able to acquire any form of life insurance through the traditional methods.  When a company has to issue a life insurance policy and it does not have the ability to do due diligence on the person applying for the policy, that company is going to raise the rates to cover their risk.  For this reason guaranteed acceptance life insurance is the most expensive type of life insurance on a premium per dollar of coverage basis.  For this reason it is usually only good for people who are not able to get another form of life insurance or are looking for a low death benefit policy like burial insurance or mortgage insurance.

Are there other options for life insurance?

Working with an agent that is good at figuring out your specific needs can help you get approved for a traditional or slightly more expensive graded policy.  This means that you can get a policy that meets your needs while avoiding the cost of the guaranteed issue route.  Some type of life insurance that may available are:

  • Life insurance for HIV Patients
  • High blood pressure life insurance
  • Life insurance for cancer patients

With any of these and many other special cases we will work with you and help you find the right company that will rate your life insurance request in such a way as to get the lowest rates.

Can I get guaranteed Issue and traditional life insurance quotes at once?

Absolutely!  We will work with you to get the quotes for all of the different types of life insurance you may qualify for.  This means you can select the best match and most affordable life insurance whether that be guaranteed life insurance or some other type.  Throughout the process if you have any questions about how something might work our team at will be there to help you and guide you toward presenting the best case for getting a more traditional policy and avoiding the higher fees of a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.  If you are ready to get started use the form on this page and we will be in touch shortly to get you started.

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